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Sequence Launches Diversity Scholarship Initiative with the Event Leadership Institute

February, 2021

Sequence Launches Diversity Scholarship Initiative

with the Event Leadership Institute


New York, NY: Sequence Events, an award-winning New York-based events agency, announced today that it would be funding 12 scholarships with the Event Leadership Institute over the next year, specifically earmarked for diverse candidates. The scholarships will cover professional development course fees and training, for both in-person and virtual events, for event professionals of all experience levels. In recognition and support of the initiative, the Event Leadership Institute will match Sequence’s contribution dollar for dollar.

“Between the devastating impact COVID has had on in-person events, and the new opportunities that have been created through virtual, this is an absolutely critical time for the entire events industry”, said Erin Rynn, Senior Director of Projects & Team Dynamics at Sequence.  “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are more important than ever. This was a fantastic opportunity to stand behind the DE&I movement that deserves everyone’s attention, while also supporting the industry that we so love. We are incredibly proud to have two female owners at Sequence, as well as a team that is predominantly comprised of women”, said Rynn.

The 12 scholarships will be awarded throughout 2021, and the partnership will be revisited for extension at the end of the year. “Given the importance of DE&I and our relationship with the Event Leadership Institute we hope that this will be a long-term partnership over the course of many years”, said Rynn.


To learn more about the scholarships and to apply, click here.

For more information on Sequence, visit www.sequence-events.com