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Sequence Announces New Partner

February, 2023
New York, New York, February 1, 2023 – Sequence, an award-winning global events agency, has promoted Erin Rynn, Chief Operating Officer, to Partner.

Erin joined Sequence in 2014, initially as a Sr. Project Manager and eventually ascending to Director of Projects and Team Dynamics. In 2021 Rynn was promoted to Chief Operating Officer, where she serves on the agency’s Leadership Team and oversees a number of departments. 

“The evolution and growth of Sequence didn’t happen overnight, but it wouldn’t have happened at all without Erin’s significant contributions”, said Adam Sloyer, CEO, Sequence. “Erin’s consistent ability to balance the priorities of our team, our clients and our company have allowed us to elevate the agency to greater heights, and have made her a trusted voice of reason at Sequence”, said Sloyer. 

Rynn is beyond excited to become a partner at Sequence. “I’m eager to continue to strategize on how we can do even better work and add to an already sublime group of talented individuals, while also remaining humbled at the trust that was bestowed within this opportunity!”

To learn more about Sequence visit: www.Sequence-Events.com