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JLO Backstage & VIP Lounge

Sequence teamed up with Madison Square Garden to create an unforgettable artist experience from entrance to exit. Their goal was to have the talent leave feeling like there is no other place to perform. Not only is MSG the best concert arena to perform at in iconic NYC, but now they offer the most enjoyable hospitable experience too! JLO confirmed this on her 50th Birthday. Sequence was tasked with making her celebration exciting, enjoyable and unforgettable! Our team accomplished this by creating a JLO explosion of decor representing nostalgia and fun, new trends with her current brand, while nodding to the history of JLO’s success.

As soon as JLO arrived backstage at MSG she was greeted with one hundred 3 ft branded purple and pink balloons to match her “It’s My Party Tour” brand. The balloon path led her to a faux subway scene with authentic decor and props that nostalgically brought her back to the “Jenny from The Block Tour”. She could not believe the thoughtful greeting and broke out into dance using the area as a backdrop for an insta post with her dancers. She continued to her dressing room where she walked by a 15 ft custom free-standing step and repeat with an arched ombre feather installation bringing her tour creative to life.

Sequence created a backstage VIP room where MSG top executives could pre-party and network prior to the concert. The room was reminiscent of a JLO music video. The decor consisted of white leather furniture, branded pillows, beautiful floral centerpieces, confetti, sequenced picture frames filled with JLO photos, tinsel photo booth with nostalgic props, JLO coffee table books, branded JLO donut wall, candy station and so much more — all reflective of the tour brand.

We encounter some obstacles during production. SEQ was only supposed to create this experience for the pre-event space for 2 concert nights. That timeline changed dramatically when JLO and ARod discovered the room that SEQ built for MSG. They LOVED it so much they wanted it for JLO’s dressing room and after-party for JLO and Alex’s friends and family to celebrate her 50th birthday! This was not the original purpose, but who can say no to the infamous birthday girl? We had a few hours to juggle several elements to offer an after-party space for these two high-profile celebrities and their guests. When we thought we accomplished the impossible we hit another moving target when we were halfway through our second night of the event, the power went out across NYC!

MSG did their job in getting the audience out safely and letting them know that the concert would be rescheduled for the following week. Sequence had to pivot immediately to follow MSG’s plan and re-create the space exactly as the original. Branded balloons deflate and flowers wilt so everything had to be completed replaced. We had 24 hours to juggle staff, re-order, re-create, re-produce an exact replica — good thing NYC doesn’t sleep!


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