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Thrillist & Oceanspray

Taste of Togetherness - A Virtual Friendsgiving

We worked alongside the G9 client to practically produce a fully live cooking show – no easy feat! Similar to The Dodo’s Best Dog Day Ever, we worked with Jordan and Irene, the chefs for the event, and determined exactly how to create a seamless show where there was the perfect amount of time to sear a pork tenderloin, while rice was cooking, while our resident mixologist and DIY expert got to show off their mocktails and table decor, respectively. It took a lot of mixing and matching and rehearsing to get everything properly ready, but being able to think of each segment on its own in addition to how it relates to the timing of other segments definitely gave us steps toward success.


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“Thank you for being incredible partners. From the long filming days, directing talent, and answering our millions of questions we appreciate you all!”

Associate Director Experiential Marketing

Group Nine Media