Totally Terrific Toys

Here at Sequence, we love when our projects provide opportunities that share in our own personal interests – it makes the client connection that much more meaningful!  In the last month we’ve tapped into our inner-kid, between the awesome LEGO Movie Premiere and the illuminating 2014 Toy of the Year Awards.  With all this nostalgia swirling around – it made us wonder — What were each other’s favorite toys growing up?  



“Anything and everything having to do with He-Man. Doesn’t need much of an explanation but we shared a first name, a love for swords and both had secret magical powers.  Big time common bond.” – Adam



“I was a typical girl and loved my Barbies, Barbie play house, Barbie summer house, Barbie sports car, HUNDREDS of dresses…Had so many Barbies but only one Ken!” – Debbie



“Wii, X-BOX Nintendo DS, iPads … All I needed was a mini Ms Packman that took 8 D batteries and offered hours and hours of entertainment!” – Dana




“My bike! It was purple with a white basket that had a unicorn jumping over a rainbow on it and streamer handlebars. I would ride in circles around the cul-de-sac down the street for HOURS!” – Lizz




“My toy microphone. I would stand in front of the fireplace and perform for my parents every night.” – Emily



“I’m a classic Nintendo kid all the way.  Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros., Double Dragon, Zelda, Adventure Island, Blades of Steel, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out and Excitebike — you name it, I had it – don’t even get me started on my Gameboy!” – Faye




“When I was born, my aunt gave me an Ernie doll that came with me everywhere from that moment on. To this day, I still have him.” – Sabrina




“Immediately I fell in love with Inchworm. I used to ride around inside and outside the house all time. To move forward you have to jump on it and it made a strange noise. Oh! twenty years after I miss that sound! ñic ñic ñic…” – Mirella