5 Ways to Create a Celebration Where Everyone Wins

Every year your office holiday party probably checks the same boxes: drinks (check), food (check), entertainment (check).

However, there’s something else that your company may want to consider adding to the check list, especially in a year like this one: giving back!

Including a philanthropic component to your evening of merriment (and awkward dance moves with your boss) is proven not only to bring positive karma from the universe but also into your corporate culture as well! Reallocating a few of your budget dollars for a charity ties into the spirit of the holiday season while still giving everyone what they look forward to each year on the party front.

Here are 5 ways to incorporate philanthropy into your annual holiday party:

Tips for Tots: Secure skilled bartenders to mix up fancy cocktails at your event, or better yet have your employees create their own teams to work alongside them. Guests can leave “tips” for their favorite bartenders who will donate the profits to a charity of their choice.


High-FIVER: In lieu of interoffice “Secret Santa” ask guests to bring five $1* bills. Decorated gift boxes with a drop slot can be placed throughout the party space and representing a variety of charities that people can donate their dollars to throughout the evening.


Wine Pull: Who doesn’t love to leave an event with a gift for themselves? Purchase (or source donated) bottles of inexpensive wine for a display table. Then secure a few really high-end bottles to hide amidst the others. Put all bottles in opaque wine bags to conceal the identity of the fancy labels. Guests donate $10* and select a bottle at random, giving everyone a chance to go home with the best wine!


Letters to Santa: Years ago, two local NYC residents accidentally received letters addressed to Santa Claus. They turned it into a charity (which has gotten a ton of press coverage) and they rely on the public to help answer the letters. Consider pairing each of your guests with a letter from a needy family and having them play Santa buy fulfilling the wishlist. You can even pair people up to make it a team building opportunity! At the party, guests bring both their letter and an image of what they mailed to tack to a board, creating a mosaic of giving!


Coats for cocktails: Host a coat or clothing drive for your holiday party! Pick a few charities (Tip: talk to them in advance to secure your ability to donate as some book up with donors quickly – what a great problem to have!) and create stations for each article: coats, children’s clothing, shoes, etc. People can drop their goods near the closest bar!

Have any ideas that we missed? Leave a comment, or tweet @team_seq with your best ones!

*Amounts may increase based on the typical limits of your company. If budget allows, the employer could match the guests’ donations!